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What is Aluna Social?

Aluna Social is social trading platform combining the best of trading terminals and social networks.

What are the platform’s main features?

- One Stop Shop: Users can manage trades across multiple exchange platforms through a single interface using our API trading execution engine.
- Transparency: Reliable signal providers can be identifed via public profles that show their actual trading history including current trades.
- Sentiment Analysis: The community’s inclinations, history and forward-looking direction are all fuidly visible as traders stake for or against each other’s positions, reputations as well as future market possibilities.
- Gamification: Social and trading interaction is on the roadmap and will be encouraged in a gamifed environment which allows everyone from beginners to the most experienced to interact meaningfully.

What can I do with a free membership?

With a free membership all users can:
- Trade via one api link on one exchange platform
- Participate on the Insights social feed
- Copy or Counter trade other traders
- Use the Aluna Telegram trading bot.
- Earn ALN tokens via the badge system
- Participate in social, binary and leaderboard staking

What additional features do I get with a premium subscription?

Premium subscription features will include linking multiple API keys, access to detailed platform sentiment data, advance notice of and unrestricted access to periodic special offers.

How much does it cost to use Aluna platform?

Aluna's monthly subscription is $19.90 though lookout for a special reduced launch price.

Does Aluna Social require any KYC procedure?

Aluna Social does not require a KYC procedure. Most exchanges ask for KYC when necessary and we are just a gateway to their API. Therefore we do not require KYC.

How do I sign up to the Aluna Social platform?

To sign up to the platform simply go the signup page (https://aluna.social/page/signup) choose a username, provide an email address and agree to the terms. You will receive a confirmation email with a link that will enable you to complete the signup and go on to login.

What is Insights?

Insights is Aluna Social’s social feed featuring short-form posts gives users an outlet to share their opinions about the market.

How do I post on Insights?

Click the Aluna logo on the bottom left corner of your screen. You will be taken to a menu page which accesses other pages. Click on Insights. At the top left hand corner of the screen you’ll see the words "How do you feel about the market today?"" Click on the words and write a post. The Post button at the top right hand corner of the screen will light up. Click on it and your insight will immediately appear on the timeline.

Can I directly reply to someone's Insight ?

Not for the time being, however, adding @username on your insight will give the target user a notification. Direct replies are on the roadmap, we'll let you know as soon as they’re available.

How do I report annoying insights / impersonation (is there such a feature?)

Please contact us at support@aluna.social

Does Insights support tags?

Yes @usernames #hashtags and $cashtags will also work.

Can I send a direct message to a trader?

Direct messaging is not possible.

What is the Aluna Social Insights policy on shilling, threats and other such behaviour?

Reporting mechanisms are to be introduced in the future but until then please contact us at support@aluna.social with any concerns.

Can you post from Twitter?

This is not possible however the other way around will work. Once you connect your Twitter account you will be able to automatically share Insights on Twitter depending on your settings.

How do I connect to a Twitter Account?

Click the Aluna logo on the bottom left corner of your screen. Click on My Account, then click on Twitter. Click Connect Twitter, then enter your Twitter credentials and click Authorize app.

Where do the prices displayed on the Markets page come from?


How do I connect an API key?

Click the Aluna logo on the bottom left corner of your screen. Click on My Account, then click on API Keys. In that page you should be able to paste your Exchange API KEYs, please make sure to don’t allow “withdrawal” when generating the API KEYS.
All the exchanges we support have a dedicated page to "Generate API KEY" where you will be able to generate new keys to use with Aluna.

How secure is Aluna?

Aluna Social's frontend application is hosted on a very secure data center. Users can only interact with that application using their desktop and mobile browsers.
Users' connections to the website are securely made via https. All sensitive information sent to the frontend application is then forwarded to our backend service, which is set up so only the frontend can communicate with it, but can't request sensitive information.
This backend service stores all sensitive information encrypted and only decrypts in real time when our platform needs to fetch user information, such as balances, orders and positions, or when the user requires the platform to perform an action which requires API KEYs, such as posting an order.

How do I execute a trade via the Aluna UI?

Click the Aluna logo on the bottom left corner of your screen. Click on Markets, then click on the specific market you wish to trade (you can also find a coin by typing it in the search bar above).

1. Select the desired market pair on the top left
2. Select exchange or margin (if applicable)
3. Fill in the Quantity you wish to buy or sell (long or short)
4. Fill in the Price you wish to place your order at. You may also click on the BID/ASK buttons which will auto-fill the Price field with the highest bid / lowest ask price.
5. The Total field will auto-populate. Changing the Total will automatically adjust the Quantity accordingly.
6. Click on Open Order
7. Click on the confirmation to Create Order

How do I connect to the Aluna Telegram Bot?

Click the Aluna logo on the bottom left corner of your screen. Click on My Account, then click on Telegram. Click Link Account Using Magic Link or send link message to @aluna_social_bot.

How do I execute a trade via the Telegram Bot?

Once you have connected your Aluna Social account to our Telegram Bot, send @aluna_social_bot a message to execute trades.

Type /buy or /sell for exchange markets, or /long or /short for margin markets, followed by the details of your trade
    /buy [market pair] [exchange] [quantity] [price]
    E.g. /buy eth_btc bitfinex 0.5 150
    Will place a Buy order on Bitfinex (Spot) ETH_BTC for 0.5 ETH at a price of $150.

What exchanges does Aluna.Social support?

Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex and Poloniex are already added. More will be announced as they are integrated.

How do I find traders to follow and/or copy?

There are many ways to find traders. One easy way is to follow the leaderboard. Choose from Best Trades, Worst Trades, Top Gainers, Top Losers or Most Followed and then look at individual profiles and evaluate if one or more trading strategies resonate with you. Another simple way is to see which posts on Insights catch your attention and then check out the profiles and trading information of the traders whose posts interested you.

How do I see all the traders on the site, not just those posting on Insights?

A leaderboard will display a list of all users and their trading performance.

How do I see a trader's profile and trading history to know if they're putting their money where their mouth is?

In Insights click on a trader's icon. This will take you through to their profile where you can see their Open and Closed positions. Compare these to their current posts.

What are Copy-trading and Counter-trading?

Copy-trading is automatedly mirroring the trades of another signal provider. Counter-trading is automatedly taking the opposite position of the trades of another signal provider.

How do I copy or counter trade?

The Copy/Counter Trade function is coming soon and easy to follow instructions will be provided as soon as it goes live.

Do people see whom I copy or countertrade?

Yes. You’ll be able to see whom a trader is copying on their profile page..

How do I make my profile public or private?

Your profile is public by default. We are considering introducing a NINJA subscription that will give users the option to make their profile private, but this feature is not yet available.

Click the Aluna logo on the bottom left corner of your screen. Click on My Account, then click on Privacy to access your privacy settings.

Do I need a token to use the Aluna Social platform?

You do not need a token to use Aluna’s trading facilitation tools or to participate on Insights. The token economy will be introduced in stages as a part of the reputation and staking system.

What is staking?

Staking on Aluna allows you to back your market predictions or opinions of other participants, and get rewarded when you are right. Read the Whitepaper for more detail in staking.

If I start following someone does it mean I will copy their trades?

No. You can follow traders that you don’t copy and copy traders that you don’t follow.

Can I use my automated strategies and custom trading algorithms to execute trades through Aluna Social?

Yes, you will be able to both connect custom bots, as well as strategies created on TradingView to your Aluna Social account to automatically execute those trades.

Does Aluna Social have a mobile app?

Aluna Social does not yet have a mobile App but the website is designed to work perfectly on mobile browsers. In the future we will be releasing a mobile app for iOS and Android in order to make it even easier and faster to use.

How do I contact support?

Send us an email at support@aluna.social.

How does the Aluna Social Referral Program work?

On your Settings page (https://aluna.social/my/account/referrals) you will find the Referral link which you can send to your friends. Once they pay for a PRO subscription you will be able to claim this reward..

How does the Aluna Social Affiliate Program work?

An affiliate program is under consideration and further information will be published at the end of our evaluation process.

How do I earn badges?

Badges are earned by completing tasks within the platform. Badge Level 1 is earned when you complete a number of set-up tasks. Higher level badges are earned by collecting points aggregated from multiples of the following tasks:

- Execute a trade via the UI or a bot (1 point)
- Copying or countering a trade (1 point)
- Participate in any prediction staking4 mechanism (1 point)

For more details please refer to section 5.2 of the Whitepaper.

Why does the Aluna platform need to be Web3 enabled?

Web3 tech is envisioned to support a token economy, a reputation system and curation of content. These will be fundamental to Aluna’s token system which is designed to have two main functions: 1. An incentive for the users that bring value to the platform. 2. A Content curation mechanism. Ultimately the goal is to have a blockchain based token replacing a siloed points system. Web3 also enables you to interact with the site's token economy while always keeping funds in your possession i.e. without having to send the tokens to Aluna for custody.

What is the Aluna token's ticker?


Is it an ERC20 token?


Where do I get ALN?

ALN can be earned via the badge system for participating on the platform and as bounties. Existing holders of the EQT token are also eligible to swap EQT for ALN. Details on the swap will be published on the Aluna info website when plans for the swap have been finalised.

What is EQT and what does EQT have to do with the Aluna platform?

EQT is a discontinued project that had an initial goal of launching a copy-trading platform, a similar premise to the Aluna project. Current EQT holders represent a community of the potential early adopters of Aluna Social Platform.

Is there an ALN bounty program?

5% of tokens is allocated to "ambassadors" of Aluna Social who contribute to the health of the platform. Activities will include Bug bounties, Giveaways and Contests and Airdrops. More details will be published prior to the campaign which is on the roadmap Q1 2020.

What are the incentives for the original traders whom others copy from?

We are still working out the exact amount, but it will be a factor of the total volume that is copying your trades & the profit gained from your trade. One big difference we have from most other copy trading platforms is that the trader copying doesn't not have to pay fees for each trade that is copied while leader trader only gets rewarded when their trade is profitable.