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Trade Network Automate

All in one place.


Design & Build
Q1 2019:
Alpha Launch
Integration with 3 exchanges
Bitfinex Bittrex Poloniex
Q2 2019:
Beta Launch
Integration with more exchanges
Q3 2019:
Platform Improvements
Spot & Margin Trading Social – Telegram Bot Web3 Integration Twitter Integration
Q4 2019:
Token Generation Event
Token Sale
Token Integration
Airdrop Copy-trading (beta) Counter-copy-trading (beta)
Platform Improvements
5-10 Exchanges Social – Leaderboard
Token Integration
Binary Staking Social Staking Leaderboard Staking Token Swap Reputation system Rewards (Earn) Subscription Payments (Spend)
Platform Improvements
Execution – Order Books Execution – Strategy Automation Markets – News Feed Integration Social – Sentiment Data
Decentralising Infrastructure
Platform Improvements
NLP Chat Bots Strategy Backtester Open-souce UI
Utility Token Research & Development
New utility functions Copy/counter trading insurance Portfolio Staking Integration with other token economies